Related Links

Related Links

The related links described on this page will lead you to a host of other web sites from our state organization to the 4 schools of Ophthalmic Dispensing located around the state to the various national organizations that administer Ophthalmic Dispensing around the United States, as well as the New York State Department of Education and the Office of the Professions.. Spend a few minutes going over the links and see the world of Ophthalmic Dispensing open to you.

National Organizations

American Board of Opticianry[ABO]

Opticians Association of America [OAA]

Center for Medicare and Medicaid HIPPA

State Associations of Opticians

International Organizations

Opticians Association of Canada

New Zealand Opticians Association

Schools of Ophthalmic Dispensing

City University of New York, NY Tech

National Federation of Opticianry Schools

New York State Education Department

Office of the Professions