2022-2023 Legislative Agenda


      These are the bills that are currently under consideration by the Senate and Assembly of the State of New York.  In Order to access any of these bills you just have to click on the Bill Number and it will take you to the appropriate bill.  The OANY as of yet has not endorsed any of the current legislation but may in the near future.


Visual Assessment Bill Assembly Bill     # A3607     Senate Bill
Retail Establishment Bill Assembly Bill # A3644    Senate Bill  S2982
Visual Impariment Specialist Bill  Assembly Bill  # A06875    Senate Bill  S04695
Visit the NYS Assembly web site at www.assembly.state.ny.us.
Visit the NYS Senate web site at www.nyssenate.gov




Bills Currently pending before the US House of Representatives and the US Senate
US House Bill



Fairness to Contact Lens Consumer Act