Intermediate Progressives and Visual Fatigue Lenses 1 OD Credit

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Intermediate Progressives and Visual Fatigue Lenses


Mark Cohen is a New York State Ophthalmic dispenser, receiving his license in 1975. He has worked in retail and for the last 40 years serving as Sales and Marketing Manager for several optical wholesale laboratories based on Long Island.
Mark currently works for Tri-Supreme Optical and has been the Director of Training and Marketing for the last 16 years. Other responsibilities include day to day administration of Tri-Supremes lab management system, writing a bi-monthly newsletter and administration of the Tri-Supreme website.
Mark has written many continuing education seminars and has presented them to Opticians Alliance of New York (OANY), New York State Society of Opticians (NYSSO) and Opticians Association of New Jersey (OANY). Mark is currently a member of OANY.
Mark has been married for 45 years, has a son and a daughter and two granddaughters.