Page 3 Using Section 179 Expense Deduction By Mark Kaplan, Business Development Executive Section 179 allows businesses to deduct the full purchase price of assets such as software, lensmeters, edger’s etc. put into service during the tax year. This would allow you to spread the expense over a multi-year financing term for the equipment you need now, and spread the expense over a multi-year term, thus significantly reducing the true cost of ownership. Consider this example for equipment costing: $25,000 Equipment Cost: $25,000 Section 179 Expense Deduction: $25,000 Effective Tax Bracket: 35% Tax Savings From Sect 179 Use: $8,750 Net Cost After Section 179 Savings: $16,250 Consult with your accountant or tax attorney. • A raffle ticket will be given to you at the sign-in desk • The raffle will be held after our continuing education credit • You must be present to win!