30 Haynes Court Ronkonkoma, New York 11779 Introducing MiniShades® – The only all-polarized sunglass brand for little kids! Dynamic Labs is proud to offer our clients MiniShades® polarized sunglasses. Polarized grey lenses offer 100% UV protection in colorful, on-trend, good-looking frames that are impact resistant and sized just for the kiddies! Made from a specially formulated rubber material, these sunglasses come in two sizes: 0-3 years old, and 3-7+ years old. Super comfy and virtually indestructible, MiniShades are “Safe, Strong & Super Cute®”. Ages 0 - 3 Ages 3 - 7 Multi-Function Winter/Summer Display Pre-loaded w/22 pair and two seasonal headers SKU #38130701 LIFETIME WARRANTY FOR ONE TIME REPLACEMENT IF LOST OR DAMAGED! For more information, please contact a Dynamic Labs account manager at 1-888-339-6264, or visit us online at www.dynamiclabs.net. Baby Blue 38130103 Grape Jelly 38130937 Red Hot 38130837 Electric Blue 38130337 Hot Pink 38130437 Jet Black 38130537 Black Satin 38130603 Little Lilac 38130703 Powder Pink 38130203 NEW! Individual Pairs $10.00 each Multi-Function Display $220.00 each DISPLAY CONTENTS: 2 Pairs Baby Blue 2 Pair Black Satin 2 Pair Little Lilac 3 Pair Powder Pink 2 Pairs Electric Blue 2 Pairs Hot Pink 5 Pair Jet Black 2 Pair Red Hot 2 Pair Grape Jelly