D Y N A M I C L A B S S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 7 P R O M O T I O N AR Markers Specifically formulated to write on today’s anti-reflective coatings. White – 7371925 $8.95 ea. 10 or more - $7.95 ea. 25 or more - $67.95 ea. Red – 7371923 $6.50 ea. 10 or more - $5.50 ea. 25 or more - $4.50 ea. Black – 7371924 $6.50 ea. 10 or more - $5.50 ea. 25 or more - $4.50 ea. 100 ml. 7031004 $83.60 25 ml. 7031001 $29.99 Lens Pro™ TRACTION CONTROL Traction Control is the newest weapon in your arsenal to protect your costly lens investment. Tired of ruining lens? Lens Pro™ Traction Control to the res- cue! Simply apply one or two sprays to the coated lens. Allow 30- 60 seconds for product to dry, then block and edge. To remove product simply spray with Eliminator, and wipe with a clean lens cloth. Put An End To Blocking Pad Slippage On Super-Hydrophobic Lenses! BIG RED BIG RED BigRed™ Tri-part Pads BIG RED – A classic high performance pad works equally well on AR coated and uncoated lenses. •  A separate anti-twist film between two layers of adhesive makes the pad firmer and resistant to high torque forces that can cause pads to twist. •  Designed specifically to prevent both slipping and twisting. Roll of 1000 $54.95 each 5 or more, $49.95 each 10 or more, $45.95 each “IT’S A ‘BIG RED’ FALL!”