D Y N A M I C L A B S A P R I L 2 0 1 7 P R O M O T I O N Quality Products From A Company You Know And Trust 30 Haynes Court Ronkonkoma, NY 11779 1-888-339-6264 www.dynamiclabs.net SEE OUR SPECIAL FACEBOOK PROMOS at: www.facebook.com/dynamiclabsny PREVENT TWISTING PREVENT TORQUING PREVENT SLIPPING • The latest breakthrough in Blocking Pad technology is now available to you • The first affordable blocking pad that works to prevent both slipping and twisting. • The combination of the exceptional adhesive of ProEdge with a stronger pad has created an unparalleled blocking pad for AR coated lens and uncoated lenses that everyone can afford. THE ALL NEW Rolls of 1000, $59.95 each • 4 or more, $54.95 each • 8 or more, $49.95 each Rolls of 2000 available with minimum order of 10 rolls • Contact your Dynamic Labs Rep. AR Markers Red – 7371923 $6.95 ea. 10 or more - $5.95 ea. 25 or more - $4.95 ea. Black – 7371924 $6.95 ea. 10 or more - $5.95 ea. 25 or more - $4.95 ea. Specifically formulated to write on today’s anti-reflective coatings. SPECIAL: With Any 8 Roll Order of Get a FREE Bottle of The Eliminator Polycarb-Safe Marking Remover!