2016-03-01 Advertising Application Company Name _________________________________________________________ Contact Name___________________________________________________________ Address________________________________________________________________ City______________________________ State______________ Zip Code_________ Telephone # ______________________ Fax # _________________________________ E-Mail Address__________________________________________________________ Web Site ______________________________________________________________ Type of Ad_____________________________________________________________ Rate (refer to Ad Rate Sheet) ______________________________________________ Make Check Payable to Opticians Alliance of New York If Business size card ad please provide 3 business cards with order All ads should be camera –ready copy and in PDF or jpeg formats, and should be emailed to Office@OANY.org. Placement is not guaranteed and will be rotated on a monthly basis depending on the size of the newsletter. To view a copy of past newsletters go to www.oany.org and click on the newsletter link. To advertise please contact Andrew Cullen 516-234-4040 Mail Check to Opticians Alliance of New York PO Box 631 Oceanside NY 11572 Opticians Alliance Of New York