D Y N A M I C L A B S M A R C H 2 0 1 8 P R O M O T I O N Only those lenses that meet our exacting standards are good enough to be engraved with the ZEISS “Z”, guaranteeing their authenticity and quality. Only those lenses become part of the ZEISS Premium family. ALL PRICES IN U.S. DOLLARS Bronze on Brown w/AR Back 7865288 • 55x75-6-2.15 Blue on Grey w/AR Back 7865268 • 55x75-6-2.15 Silver on Grey w/AR Back 7865278 • 55x75-6-2.15 Polarized Poly Flash Mirror $34.99/pr • 12+ $33.99/pr 24+ $32.99/pr • 48+ $31.99/pr With Ri-pel™ Without Ri-pel™ Brown w/AR Back 7865261 • 55x75-6-2.15 G-15 w/AR Back 7865271 • 55x75-6-2.15 Grey w/AR Back 7865274 • 55x75-6-2.15 Polarized Poly Injected $29.99/pr • 12+ $28.99/pr 24+ $27.99/pr • 48+ $26.99/pr Bronze on Grey w/AR Back 7865255 • 75-6-2.0 Rose Gold on Grey w/AR Back 7865244 • 75-6-2.0 Blue on Grey w/AR Back 7865266 • 75-6-2.0 Silver on Grey w/AR Back 7865277 • 75-6-2.0 Polycarbonate Flash Mirror $19.99/pr • 12+ $18.99/pr 24+ $18.49/pr • 48+ $17.99/pr • All non-mirrored lens are coated with Ri-pel™, a water & oil re- pellent, anti-smudge technology developed in ZEISS laboratories. All mirrored lenses are coated with Tri-pel™, a ZEISS formulation that combines Ri-pel with Tri-Flection™ Mirror Coating, ZEISS’ superior anti-smudge mirror coat. All Polycarbonate, Polyamide and most CR- 39 lenses come with AR anti-reflective coating. • All ZEISS Premium lenses come with a ZEISS factory hard coating. BONUS! Buy 12 pair of Polarized Lenses, get a FREE bottle of ELIMINATOR™ Marking Remover! Buy 36 pair of Polarized Lenses, get a FREE box of DynaGRIP™ Xtreme Anti-Slip Pads!