interesting and informative. Also, I would like to thank Dynamic Labs for sponsoring our chafing dishes. Finally, I would like to thank Dr. Joel Sklar for briefly speaking about medical billing. The members and I would like to wish Peter Bacotti a speedy recovery from his recent surgery. We would also As I sit here writing this letter I have lots of emotions going through me. One is anger… anger because I’m disappointed at the OANY Membership for almost giving up. By giving up I mean not putting aside one Thursday a month to be with your fellow Opticians. It’s very disheartening. My second emotion is joy… joy because we gained two new members which is something I would like to see every meeting. Thank you to Joe Forte for providing us with a contact lens CE Credit. His lecture was like to wish Drew Washton a speedy recovery from his recent motorcycle accident. Get well quick! Please clear your calendar for our meeting on November 16th. This meeting will be full of surprises. Mark Cohen will be providing us with an exciting CE Credit. I hope you all can be there on Thursday, November 16th to find out what interesting presentation he has in store for us! Thank you Paul Heller President’s Message Join us at our upcoming meeting on Thursday, November 16, 2017 at the Milleridge Inn, Jericho, NY Sponsor: Tri-Supreme Optical Speaker: Mark Cohen Presentation: Ask the Lab CE Credit 1 Ophthalmic Dispensing Credit Continuing Education Speakers Robert Russo Barry Santini Dr. Joseph Bacotti Mark Cohen Vicki Masliah Herb Fletcher Eric Meyers and many others November 2017 Volume XIII Issue I The Opticians Alliance of New York meets the 3rd Thursday of the month. Schedule, sponsors and speakers are subject to change Meeting Highlights 2017-2018 Schedule • November 16, 2017 Tri-Supreme • December 21, 2017 To Be Announced • January 18, 2018 To Be Announced • February 15, 2018 To Be Announced • March 29, 2018 To Be Announced