Base 6 Polarized Polycarbonate Flash Mirror Lenses:2.0mm, 70x60mm Reg. $29.99/pr High Density Silicone Nosepads That Last Longer Than Conventional Nosepads! Dynamic Lab’s HD Technology makes pads that are more resistant to the facial oils that normally cause nosepads to discolor. AS LOW AS Per Pair! 39¢ Minimum 1000 pr = 10 Bags Reg. $0.56 per pair $0.42 per pair (min. 500 pr = 5 Bags) $0.49 per pair (min. 100 pr = 1 Bag) Available In: • Teardrop • Oval • Round • D-Shape • Snap • Screw • Mushroom • Primadonna LONGER LASTING! LESS DISCOLORATION! D Y N A M I C L A B S O C T O B E R 2 0 1 7 P R O M O T I O N Everything You Need For Nosepad Replacement! 6300211 $89.95 NEW! Deluxe Nosepad Adjusting Kit! All the tools you need for Nosepad adjustment and replacement! Kit comes with one Phillips screwdriver, one flat screwdriver, one Nosepad adjusting plier and one Nosepad popper.