gives up their time to keep the organization going, grow our relationship with vendors and continue to bring the most up to date industry news to you every month. I would like to thank George Hallek of Maui “Where’s Waldo?” Or should I say, “Where were my OANY members”? Once again, attendance was disappointing. We had a great turnout at our March meeting which we then followed with an exciting lecture at our April meeting but turnout was low. What can we do to get you to attend a meeting? Just a reminder; OANY is YOUR organization. The Executive Board Jim for sponsoring our April meeting. Also, thank you to David Washington from Maui Jim for a very informative lecture. Our May meeting will bring us closer to summer with Vicky Masliah from MH Optical who will give us an exciting CE credit. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone May 18th . Come One! Come All! Paul Heller President’s Message Join us at our upcoming meeting on Thursday, May 18, 2017 at the Milleridge Inn, Jericho, NY Sponsor: MH Optical Speakers: Vicki Masliah and Dr. Joseph Bacotti Presentation #1: Playing It Safe (Vicki Masliah) 1 Ophthalmic Credit Presentation #2: Common Conditions of the Eye the Optician Encounters (Dr. Joseph Bacotti) 1 Contact Lens Credit May 2017 Volume XII Issue VIII The Opticians Alliance of New York meets the 3rd Thursday of the month. Schedule, sponsors and speakers are subject to change Meeting Highlights 2017 Schedule • May 18, 2017 MH Optical • June 15,2017 Vision Ease • September 2017 Morel • October 19, 2017 Luxottica • November 16, 2017 Tri-Supreme Continuing Education Speakers Vicki Masliah Herb Fletcher Eric Meyers Robert Russo Barry Santini Dr. Joseph Bacotti Mark Cohen and many others