D Y N A M I C L A B S F O R Q U A L I T Y P R O D U C T S ! NEW FOR SPRING 2017! 100 ml. 7031004 $83.60 25 ml. 7031001 $29.99 Lens Pro™ TRACTION CONTROL Traction Control is the newest weapon in your arsenal to protect your costly lens investment. Tired of ruining lens? Blocking pads failed you? Anti-slip films leaving you on a slippery slope? Lens Pro™ Traction Control to the rescue! Simply apply one or two sprays to the coated lens. Allow 30-60 seconds for product to dry, then block and edge. To remove product simply spray with Eliminator, and wipe with a clean lens cloth. Apply A Temporary Top-Coat To Eliminate Pad Slippage On Super-Hydrophobic Lenses! Standard Blades for Natl Optronics 6E/ 7E 300 cuts per Blade 7097044 – 10 blades per package $120.00 5 or more $89.00 National Optronics 2 Blades 300 cuts per blade 7097062 – 10 blades per package $120.00 5 or more $89.00 Shallow Bevel Blade for Natl Optronics 6E/7E 300 cuts per blade 7097444 – 1 Blade per package $49.95 Natioxnal Optronics 3 Blades 300 cuts per blade 7097061 – 10 blades per package $120.00 5 or more $89.00 Triple Life 900 Cut Disposable Blades For National Optronics 7E Edgers Made of a superior carbide alloy, these disposable blades last 3 times longer than traditional 300 cut blades.10 blades/pkg 7097043 $269.50 5 or more, $222.50 each Horizon 3 Extended Life Blades 7097063 $295.95 Sold in Packs of 10 Horizon 2 Extended Life Blades 7097042 $295.95 Sold in Packs of 10 Blades for Your National Optronics Machines NEW! 30 Haynes Court Ronkonkoma, NY 11779 1-888-339-6264 www.dynamiclabs.net SEE OUR SPECIAL FACEBOOK PROMOS at: www.facebook.com/dynamiclabsny