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10th Anniversary Our 10th Anniversary celebration is finally upon us. I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has made this event possible. Our Executive Board has done an amazing job in getting this event together. A special thanks goes out to our Vice President Paul Heller for keeping everything running smoothly. To Mark Cohen and Alan Smith for doing an amazing job on the journal. To Peter Bacotti and Judy Deucht for their all-around support. An extra special thank you to Andy Cullen for his tireless efforts for everything he does to make OANY the amazing organization it has become. As we all know this has been a special year for OANY. To continue along at this pace and to move ahead into the future I am asking those that are able to please step forward and help us. We have asked before but now more than ever your support is needed to help make the next 10 years even better. We are now able to do our own continuing education. We have a back log of sponsors and speakers who want to support us. This is your future please lend a hand. As everyone is aware we have many sponsors that have already signed on for our 10th anniversary celebration. More are being added daily. I ask that everyone who would like to attend this celebration please let us know. We need an accurate head count. Once again I would like to thank everyone who has made this event possible. We have a great group of members and Executive Board people that have made OANY the special organization it has become. I want to wish everyone a great summer and look forward to seeing you June 18th. Steven Lehrer Presidents Message 21st Century Optics A A Optical ABB Optical Group Aspex Eyewear Automated Merchant Services Briot Central Optical Charmant Colors in Optics Europa International Felix Marcs Eyewear First Vision Media Jobson Optical Group Kenmark Optical Jeff Ballen Lions Club Luxottica Marchon Marios Ristorante Mark Optical Match Eyewear Maui Jim MH Optical Supplies Inc. Modern Optical Morel Dave Nuss Optical Consultants of Long Island Opticians Association of America Reed Enterprises Silver Dollar Optical Sir Speedy Plainview Smilen Eyewear The Inn Tri-Supreme Optical VOSH Younger Optics Thank You to our advertisers and sponsors for making our 10th Anniversary Celebration possible Journal Editor Mark Cohen Journal Publisher Alan Smith