The Land of Thanx’s Revisited

The Land of Thanx Revisited
by the Old Geezer

It has been a while since we visited Small Town in the Land of Thanx and I thought it might be nice to update all of you on Jason and his optical life and family life.

We left Jason married to a loving woman whose name is Gwen and two beautiful children, a boy named Thomas and girl named Bonnie. You may remember Jason had started an optical empire called The Eye Emporium with establishments in all the small towns surrounding Small Town in the Land of Thanx, He was very successful but was having a very hard time finding good people to answer the needs of the patients visiting his stores. On top of that was an inventory problem finding good frames and the proper lenses to meet the eye needs for these patients.

As it happened, both Bonnie and Thomas were reaching an age of interest in what their father did for a living and how their mother, Jason’s wife Gwen was helping with the running of the business. Both children were now visiting the different locations and inheriting a keen interest in becoming accomplished Ophthalmic Dispensers in their own right. The two of them saw the problems inherent in the business and decided to help their father Jason.

The first thing was for Jason to teach the “kids” everything he had learned. This led Jason to realize a teaching facility for the learning of Ophthalmic Dispensing was not only wanted but also needed if his business and others that would come along would be able to thrive. The answer was right in front of him.

Bonnie was very business orientated and took on the job of the everyday running of the optical empire. This included also designing frames that patients would not only look good in but would be an accessory like jewelry to wear and yet have the optical workmanship necessary for comfort and vision. Thomas was the one who had the scientific mind with requirements of tackling the problems of proper fitting frames, and the innovations in lens design wanted for the patients. This led to finding the proper materials and crafts people to manufacture them. These two now enabled their father Jason to go the next step; Jason established a school not only to teach the proper ways of Ophthalmic Dispensing. “Graduating” students from the

school finished with that knowledge of opticianary and the practical business aspects of having everything needed to be successful in their own rights when opening an optical store.

I believe that the town of Small Town population was very proud now that Jason and his family put them on the map of The Land \of Thanx and gave thanks to Jason and his family. You all know why, don’t you? Now the people of Small Town had jobs available for them not only in the town of Small Town but in all the surrounding small towns as well. Small Town not only grew and prospered because of Jason and his family but also now could take care of all the optical needs the town people of Small Town and surrounding communities required.

Now that the family of Jason worked as a team, it left time for them to develop new ideas for further caring for the optical needs of the town of Small Town and ways of helping the surrounding communities. What more could the people of the Land of Thanx ask for?


The Old Geezer

PS if by chance you would like me to continue the saga of the Town of Small Town and Jason and his family in the Land of Thanx with their new ideas, please let us know.

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