As it Should be in the Land of Thanx



We left Small town in the Land of Thanx, not that long ago, knowing Jason and his wife Gwen and children Thomas and daughter Bonnie were enjoying their roles in ways that I will try and pass on to my followers.

Since Jason was now supplying the necessary professionals to take care of the optical needs of not only Small Town but also the rest of The Land of Thanx the need now moved on to next step. Jason convinced the medical doctors including Ophthalmologists to want to open practices in Small Town and other towns in the Land of Thanx. This was a big step in fostering good health and longer lives for all to enjoy, they no longer had to travel to the large towns for routine and emergency care. The people of these towns in the Land of Thanx were so thankful to Jason and started building clinics in their towns for the doctors to take care for patients.

Now the people of Small Town and other towns in the Land of Thanx had surgical ways to correct for cataracts, lazy eyes that were turning, glaucoma and on and on. It is without saying it; Ophthalmic Dispensers were the driving force in developing all the new technology for correcting these different visual problems, producing, and fitting the new technology in products.

There was one person named Thomas, son of Jason who was responsible for evolvement of all these devices to be mass-produced. This was his expertise and with Sister Bonnie using her expertise to run the whole shebang it became a reality. This made the town of Small Town in the Land Thanx expand and grow into a large city. What more could you ask for now that not only was eye care being taken care of, but also all medical care. Many people were able to find education and jobs in these new fields and they prospered.

Many people came to the town of Small Town seeking the medical and optical care necessary for treating their conditions and they were accompanied by family and friends. This presented other problems for the town of Small Town, which

now had to provide for the influx of all these people providing housing and food. Most of these people were poor with no visible means of support. Now Jason’s wife Gwen stepped up to the plate and set up food kitchens and public housing to feed and house these folks. Jason and his family were truly giving back to their community.

Now you think how this ends and just say that these fine people did more than just say thanks to the town of Small Town in the Land Of Thanx and its residents. Many of these people stayed to help fill the positions that opened up by all these healthcare needs and provided many skills in farming and food processing as well as other skills that were in need of refining.

Jason was elected the Mayor and Gwen the comptroller for the town of Small Town, the first elected officials for the town.. With the help of the children, Small Town thrived and everyone chipped in to help all the immigrants settle in and feel they were part of Small Town in the Land of Thanx. Now the Town of Small Town in the land Of Thanx will be known as the biggest and besttest in the Land Of Thanx. Thank you folks!


The Old Geezer

PS Hope this will hit home for some of us and we can lend our help for the communities we live in.

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