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I would like to thank Eric Myers and Vision Ease Lens for giving us a new seminar. I would also like to thank Allison Roscoe from FGX International for sponsoring our meeting. Our next meeting will have Morel Eyewear with Nick Palmiotto and Ed Svec as our sponsors. We will also welcome Mike Sparacino as our speaker from Blu-Tech Morel Eyewear. Your Executive Who can believe that October is already upon us The summer seems to have flown by. Before you turn around well be complaining of it being too cold out. I would like to thank everyone who attended our first meeting at our new location. By all reports it was very successful and everyone seemed satisfied with the food and new location in general. I would like to see a large turnout for the next meeting. Please remember that for this month only the meeting will be held on October 22 the fourth Thursday rather than the third. Next month we will return to our regular schedule. Board has also started working on something new and exciting for next year. In the past we have had boat rides dinners and this years 10th anniversary party. It seems that we made the right move in moving our meetings. It was just announced that The Milleridge Inn sent out pink slips to all its employees for the end of the year. There is talk that it may stay open but at this point we would have been left out in the cold. I look forward to seeing everyone on the 22nd and please remember to support the sponsors that support us. Steven Lehrer Presidents Message Join us at our upcoming meeting on Thursday October 22 2015 at the Holiday Inn Plainview Sponsor Blu-Tech and Morel Eyewear Speaker Mike Sparacino Presentation Blue Light Technology CE Credit 1 Ophthalmic Dispensing Credit OANY Views Continuing Education Speakers Dr. Joseph Bacotti Mark Cohen Ray Dennis Herb Fletcher Eric Meyers Robert Russo Barry Santini and many others October 2015 Volume XI Issue II The Opticians Alliance of New York meets the 3rd Thursday of the month. Schedule sponsors and speakers are subject to change Meeting Highlights New Venue 2015-2016 Schedule October 22 2015 Morel Eyewear Blu-Tech change in date November 19 2015 Tri-Supreme Optical Luxottica CE Presentation Optical Jeopardy December 17 2015 2020 Vision Center CE Presentation Refraction Re-Imaged Jan 21 2016 21st Century Optical AA Optical Page 2 OANY Views OANY 130 Forest Ave. Glen Cove NY 11542 516-671-6883 Email Website OANY Officers President Steven Lehrer Vice President Paul Heller Treasurer Charles Bonafede Secretary Maribel Barajas Directors Chuck Abramson Mark Cohen Arthur Rose Alan Smith Past Presidents Judith Deucht 2012-2014 Joseph Monestere 2010-2012 Anthony Rebaldo 2008-2010 Peter Bacotti 2005-2008 Membership Committee Paul Heller Event Committee Audrey Mazzeo Annette DiMeo Attendance Committee Lisa Greenwald Robert Higgins Jr. Newsletter Committee Editor Mark Cohen Publisher Alan Smith Education Coordinator Peter Bacotti 516-671-6883 Liaison for Education David Cohen Official Photographer Drew Washton Regional Office of Professional Discipline 250 Veterans Memorial Highway Room 3A-15 Hauppauge NY 11788 Phone 631-952-7422 Complaint Hot Line 800-442-8106 NYS Education Department Seth Rockmuller Executive Secretary for the State Board In Ophthalmic Dispensing The New York State Education Department 89 Washington Ave. 2nd Floor Albany NY 12234 Phone 518-474-3817 extension 180 Fax 518-402-5944 It is the responsibility of all members to sign in at the beginning of the meeting. This means sign-in on at least 2 sheets and sometimes 3. You will not receive credit for the continuing education course if you are not signed in. Our CE provider and that of the New York State Education Department prohibit issuance of credits to anyone who has not properly signed in or has not stayed for the complete course. If you have received a notice that your membership has to be renewed please send in your check today. Better yet if youre attending our upcoming meeting bring your check with you. Remember when renewing your membership it must be in the form of a separate check. If youre writing a check from your business we kindly request that you clearly print your name on your check so we can properly credit you. We regret that if your dues is not paid and up to date you will not receive your CE credits. Donated gifts for our raffle are greatly appreciated and will be acknowledged Check your e-mail daily or call any member of the Executive Board for updates to our schedule for our upcoming meeting. General Information 700 to 800PM Social hour buffet dishes meet with sponsor Cash bar until 730PM 800 to 830PM Business meeting 830 to 1000 PM Continuing education and raffle Please note that no liquor can be ordered after 730 and no alcoholic beverages can be brought into the meeting room after 800 Buffet Dishes To Be Announced Salad Mesculin Salad Choice of Entree Chicken Breast stuffed w Spinach Portobello Mozzarella Asian Style Sliced Sirloin Herb Crusted Tilapia wLemon and Butter Sauce Dessert Coffee Tea Dinner is 40 per person 5050 raffle optional. Please bring exact cash or check for dinner. Cant make dinner Come for the CE credits Dinner Menu and Schedule of Events for Our October Meeting Join us for dinner Kosher meals are available Contact David Cohen 2 weeks advance notice needed Credit card pre-paid Call 516-569-2335. Leave message Page 5 What Would You Do Thinking Outside the Box We are pleased to present our monthly installment of What Would You Do Thinking Outside the Box. Each month well present an optically related topic. Maybe its a question you need answered a 2nd opinion regarding how you would handle or advise a patient or how you solved a special visual challenge or need for a patient. Well describe the details in our newsletter and then discuss the topic at our upcoming meeting and get your feedback on the subject. Wed like to thank Peter Bacotti for providing this months topic. If you have an optical topic youd like to discuss and would like to share it with us please let us know so we can present it in future newsletters. Optical Topic 21 According to a recent survey contact lens wearers 18 and older may be engaging in at least one behavior known to increase risk of eye infections. Can you name those behaviors that the patient should be aware of What would you do Vision Loss in America The Vision Council has released its latest report Vision Loss in America Aging and Low Vision providing an in-depth look at low vision and illustrating the pervasive impact aging eye diseases and vision loss can have on health and well-being of senior citizens. The report was distributed to more than 100 consumer aging lifestyle and health reports and editors to educate them about the issues affecting people with vision impairment due to macular degeneration diabetic reinopathy glaucoma and other eye conditions and the resources that are available. The report reveals that more than 39 million Americans suffer from severe vision impairment or a disorder that compromises ocular health with the prevalence expected to rise to 63 million people within the next 15 years. Our Condolences We were saddened to hear about the passing of Cosmo Corky J. Fratello of Niagara Falls NY. Corky was a leader in the Optical industry. Our condolences to his family. Optical Practice For Sale Optical Practice for Sale-Levittown Contact Andy 516-731-1400 39 Cain Dr. Plainview NY 11803 Phone 516-249-5175 Fax 516-249-5785 On-line Ordering Available Expert Craftsmanship Customized Work Tom Ford Snap-in Lenses Drill Mountings Wrap Frames Personalized Service Quick Turnaround Competitive Pricing Same Day Service Available Glass Surfaced On Premises Rewards Program For Travel Or Merchandise Page 6 Thank You For Your Boosters The Opticians Alliance of New York wishes to thank all of our members sponsors and advertisers who purchased boosters at our 10th anniversary dinner and gave to our special fund for charitable contributions and scholarships. We are pleased to list those who made contributions. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Abramson Mr. Michael Ackman Mr. Rob Appel Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Bacotti Mr. Peter Bacotti Ms. Laurie Badone Ms. Maribel Barajas and Guest Mr. Stuart Becker Mr. Richard Benjamin Ms. Demi Benjamin Mr. Charles Bonafede and Guest Mr. Jay Brandstein and Guest Ms. Debra Bulkan Mr. Thomas Burke Mr. Ian Burke Mr. Pablo Campos Mr. Dennis Casey Ms. Diane Barter Mr. Dominick Chaluifan Mr. David Chernoff Mr. Mrs. David Cohen Mr. Mrs. Mark Cohen Mr. Mrs. Andrew Cullen Mr. Joseph Cusimano Ms. Judy Deucht Mr. Mrs Mark DiMeo Mr. Steven Durso Ms. Marie Etts and Son Ms. Nancy Fairbrother Ms. Nancy Feldman guest Mr. Phil Feldman Mr. Marc Ferrara Ms. Alice Fontanez Mr. Charles Frank Mr. Roy Frank and Guests Ms. Sheila Gausek Mr. Brian Gerard Mr. Steven Glanzman Mr. Neil Gleicher guest Mr. Jeff Glicksman Mr. Jay Goldhaber Mr. Mrs. Richard Greenwald Mr. Mrs. Paul Heller Mr. Jeffery Heller Mr. Doug Hess Ms. Stephanie Hess Mr. Robert Higgins Jr. Ms. Wendy Hollander Mr. Clifford Kaplan Ms. Kimberly Strickler Ms. Rosaliya Krentsel Guest Mr. Howard Kris Mr. and Mrs. Jennifer Kuhar Mr. Mrs. Stephen Lehrer Mr. Mrs. Arthur Leonard Mr. Mrs. Steven Lesetz Mr. Mrs Jeffery Lesner Mr. Mrs. Eli Levine Mr. Frank Loforte Guest Mr. Robert Lupo Ms. Vicki Masliah Mr. Mrs. Walter Mazzeo Ms. Alaquah Meighan Guest Mr. Mordechai Minzer Ms. Cristina Mora Mr. Dennis Murphy Mr. David Nuss Ms. Gina Okane Guest Mr. Edward Oraini Mr. Doug Orehosky Mr. James Orr Guest Mr. Nick Palmiotto Mr. Dick Pennington Ms. Elizabeth Perauna Mr. Thomas Polizzi Guest Mr. Andrew Priesman Guest Dr. Micula Ragusa Mr. Fred Rapps Guest Mr. Anthony Rebaldo Guest Mr. Mrs. Stuart Roman Mr. Mrs. Arthur Rose Ms. Jennifer Rosenberg Mr. Mrs. Jeff Roth Ms. Margaret Curran Rush Mr. Mrs. Vincent Russel Ms. Helga Russel Mr. Robert Russo Mr. Michael Sabia Dr. David Sachs Mr. Richie Salberg Mr. Mrs. Barry Santini Mr. John Semioli Ms. Brandie Shaw Mr. Mrs. Alan Smith M Dorian Stern Mr. Gary Stone Mr. Edward Svec Dr. Valerie Trubnick Mr. Seth Ullman Ms. Jennifer Vail Mr. Koos VanWitzenberg Mr. Dan Vogel Mr. Mrs. Drew Washton Dr. Michelle Yao. Many Thanks to Lisa Greenwald and her front desk staff who made the boosters a great success Page 8 Blue light is a big deal. Its impact on daily visual performance eye disease and systemic health is becoming universally accepted both in scientific literature and in the medical community. As Eye Care professionals we have a great responsibility to help our patients understand how blue light is affecting their livesand provide them with solutions to minimize that impact. Four kinds of people would benefit the most from a lens offering broad-spectrum blue-light protection Patients with macular degeneration or who are at high risk for developing the disease as well as their family members who are genetically predisposed. Heavy tech users. Thats anyone working on a computer or digital device or under high-efficiency artificial light for more than three hours a day. Children have no natural lens pigment to protect their eyes. They also have shorter working distances when using their digital devices which increases their blue light exposure. Post-cataract patients. They now have no natural protection and since theyre also older theyre at high risk for macular disease. Here are four things they need to know Blue light is an increasing environmental hazard. We are used to thinking about protecting our eyes from the sun. But the proliferation of high efficiency light bulbs flat screen TVs computer monitors laptops tablets and mobile phones means we are continuously bombarded with high energy blue light at unprecedented levels especially indoors and at night. Blue light degrades the quality of your vision and strains your eyes. Because blue light bends more than other wavelengths a phenomenon we understand as chromatic aberration it is actually focused in front of the retina causing blurring of images. And because short wavelengths scatter more than longer wavelengths this is why the sky looks blue to us blue light is responsible for most of the glare that we experience. When our eyes try to focus they are fighting against these two phenomena which results in eyestrain especially when working on the computer andor under artificial lighting. Blue light is the major environmental factor contributing to retinal disease including macular degeneration. For years eyewear has been designed to protect us from ultraviolet light. But most ultraviolet light is absorbed by the cornea and the lens before it can reach the back of the eye. Blue light is the highest energy light which actually reaches the retina and damages our macula. Peer- reviewed research going back decades shows that photo- oxidation by blue light in the 400- 500nm range is most toxic to retinal cells. Over many years this can cause macular degeneration the leading cause of blindness in the western world. Exposure to blue light indoors and at night wreaks havoc on our circadian rhythms. There are special light-sensing cells in the back of our eye which control our sleep-wake cycle. They are especially sensitive to blue light in the 459-485nm range. In fact blue light is a more powerful suppressor of melatonin than any drug known to man. When we are exposed to blue light in the evening hours and especially before bedtime it is extremely disruptive to our sleep patterns. According to the National Center on Sleep Disorders Research sleep-related problems affect between 50 and 70 million Americans of all ages. Sleep disruption adversely affects attention reaction times and mood. Even more alarming study after study has linked exposure to blue light at night to several types of cancer breast prostate depression diabetes heart disease and obesity. The current recommendation from the Harvard Health Letter is to turn off blue light sources at least three hours before going to bed or to wear a blue- filtering lens. Our understanding of blue lights impact is growing every year. Were sure to learn even more but now is the time to offer our patients real medically correct solutions to protect their vision and their overall health. Dr. Adam S. Berger is an Ophthalmologist specializing in retina surgery at the Center for Retina and Macular Disease in Winter Haven FL. He is former assistant professor in the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis MO and he is a widely published author and lecturer. Page 8 Blue Light Know-How By Dr. Adam S. Berger 4 groups of people who need to know moreand how to help them understand why it matters. This article originally appeared in the September 2015 edition of INVISION. Thanks to Peter Bacotti for submitting this article. Page 11 The Opticians Alliance of New York 130 Forest Ave. Glen Cove NY 11542 516-671-6883 E-mail Website First Class Please deliver by Oct 19 2015